Muy Padres ONLINE

Muy Padres (2017)

Emisión: 2017
Duracion: 127 min
Resumen: Raquel (Silvia Navarro) and Damián (Gabriel Soto) are a happily married couple, until fortunately the destination Damián meets Carolina (Adriana Louvier) and begins to feel attraction towards her, what he did not suspect is that she was already married to Santiago (Carlos Ferro a construction architect with whom they have two children. Raquel crash the car of Santiago by accident and decides to amend it helping to pay the damages, without wanting Raquel begins to approach the Álvarado family and they become great friends. But, the desire between Damián and Carolina is stronger than the commitment of matrimony that both have and decide to deceive to their pairs. One day after a terrible accident they find Damián's body seriously injured and Carolina mysteriously disappears from the scene, after a long investigation of the police to find out what happened, Santiago learns that his wife and best friend were lovers.[6]

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