Mujer De Nadie ONLINE

Mujer De Nadie (2022)

Emisión: 2022
Actores: Livia Brito, Marcus Ornellas
Duracion: 45 min
Resumen: Lucía (Livia Brito) lives in Cholula, with her father Jacobo and her stepmother Isaura, an ambitious and cruel woman. She is in love with Alfredo, but he only wants to take advantage of her innocence and purity. When Jacobo suffers a heart attack, Alfredo and Isaura seek to offer Lucía to Heriberto, the richest and most powerful man in town, who is in love with Lucía. While trying to escape from Heriberto, Lucía meets Fernando, whom she falls in love with. Lucia is evicted from her home by Heriberto's orders and has to live with her aunt Alejandra, her mother's sister, who lives with Casilda, her goddaughter. Lucía and Fernando must face several enemies that oppose their happiness.[8]