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Guerra De Idolos (2017)

Emisión: 2017
Actores: Alberto Guerra, María León, Daniel Elbittar, Alejandro de la Madrid, , Juan Pablo Medina, José María Torre,
Duracion: 45 min
Resumen: Mateo Solar is the best composer and musical producer of the moment, both in the regional and urban genres. Member of a family of artists of Latin origin settled in Houston, he makes the "mistake" of falling in love with Manara; A singer whom they plan to release as a new pop star. But who brought Manara to him was Amado Matamoros, brother of Manara and Julia, trafficker of people and arms, who has controlled the lives of his sisters, but Manara, unlike Julia knows perfectly who is Beloved, but keeps it secret for Protect your sister, his sister, who is the light of his eyes and who has protected since his mother died. The stormy relationship between Mateo and Manara goes against many interests, triggering ambitions and a war up and down the stages, which will extend from Los Angeles to Houston, and from Monterrey to Mexico City, exposing the most part Dark world of music

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