Tutsak (2017)

Emisión: 2017
Actores: Yagmur Özbasmaci Mermer, Günes Emir, Seray Gözler | See full cast & crew
Duracion: 45 min
Resumen: Gülper Özdemir play as Elif's character in "Tutsak (a Prisoner)" to survive in the world to live in the world of the unclean tutsak'ın about the general story and the tale of the subject is as follows:

Elif, who is a cheerful, innocent, proud and beautiful young girl who looks forward to life with hope, is forced to marry a 30-year-old man by her uncle by the death of her family. Elif lives a "prisoner" life in which her husband can not even get out of the house under the threat of Sadullah (Mustafa Uzunyılmaz). With the disappearance of Sadullah, who blackmailed the family by using the dark secrets of the Gürhan family, Elif remains alone in a world where he is totally strange.

The helping hand extended to him by Bahadır (Caner Şahin), who is driving alongside the Gürhan family, causes Elif to step into a world full of ignorance. Began to work in the grandeur of the family, Elif is confronted with the surrounding secrets and family members and employees who can do everything to protect these secrets. The family's great son, Kenan (Pamir Pekin), is interested to her, and the Bahadır, who has been helping him since the first day, makes an effort to protect him, turning all the arrows to the Elif.

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